Luce Dipinta worked alongside TechnoAlpin to realise a large-scale public Christmas message on their Bolzano headquarters. TechnoAlpin is a world leader in snow making technology, their products and services can be seen at ski resorts around the globe, therefore their choice of content was obvious - snowflakes.

A huge tower had to be constructed to contain all the projection equipment at a height to avoid obstructions and creating shadows. The event kicked off on 1st December and ran each night until 2nd January 2017.

This twenty minute performance was produced for the Lana Lights Festival 2015 in Lana, Italy.

It explores the soul, the ambience and anatomy of the disused Zuegg jam and juice factory, using sounds, coerced and composed live by Peter#KOMPRIPIOTR#Holzknect, with images, video and programming by Alex Rowbotham. Surrounded in resonance as we all are from birth to death, where everything reflects back to us through sound and image. Naturally the acoustic sense is strongly connected with the limbic system as visual reflections enter our consciousness.  In a sense we are catalysts and are in resonance with our acoustic and visual environments, in all that we encounter.

Lana Lights Festival is organised by Luce Dipinta Multivisioni
Watch the video here:

A festive holiday atmosphere in Griesplatz the central historical square of Lana. Presented throughout the evenings of each weekend in December 2013 & 2014, a Luce Dipinta production of an architectural projection using religious images and icons taken mainly from the cultural surroundings and churches of Lana, including many frescoes and paintings, mixed with choral music and song.

Running in parallel with the Christmas market and late-night shopping, a celebration of a christian Christmas, a warm atmosphere repeated throughout each evening.

Organised by the market town of Lana and the tourist office. A new projection, on a different building in Lana, is being organised for Christmas 2015

Read more and watch a video on the website of Luce Dipinta

In 2013 working with the cultural association Luce Dipinta Multivisioni I presented a large-scale building projection in Griesplatz, Lana. It was part of the Langer Donnerstag (late night shopping which takes place each Thursday evening throughout the summer) which also fell on 'Ferragosto' (15.08.2013). Repeated (with some additions) also on the evening of 17th August, it was a show dedicated to the Gala apple and marked the traditional start of harvesting this apple variety in the region.

Read more and watch a video on the Luce Dipinta website

A building projection screened using two sides of the Reata Tower within the castle grounds of Asolo, as part of the Italian Fantadia Festival.

The beauty of art, the magic of the landscape and the ideal refuge for the body and the soul, attracted many famous people to Asolo, in different times, who loved it and lived in it. Of these, there were three women; Caterina Cornaro, Eleonora Duse and Freya Stark, who were unconnected by time but deeply tied to this town. Travellers, enterprising, nonconformist and intellectuals of international fame that contributed to elect the image of Asolo as a place ideal for its beauty and its high quality.

Silandro Castle / Schlanderburg - Luce Dipinta I

A multivision show using three sides of the Schladersburg castle courtyard as a huge canvas. Presenting a journey of history and culture of South Tyrol, with the main content focused on this medieval and renaissance castle and surroundings. The castle houses the towns library where much of the content for this presentation was researched and collated.

A celebration of 100 Years of the cooperative St.Michael-Eppan (South Tyrol) who, in recent years, has won many awards for their quality wines, including the top award for their Sanct Valentin label Sauvignon for the past 12 years (at the time of the show).

The presentation takes the viewer on a short journey through the history, the vines and the making of their wine, to the 30 countries where the wines are imported from this award-winning South Tyrolean wine producer. It wss projected onto the original winery building, itself only one year shy of 100 years old.

Painting with Light at Castle Coldrano / Schloss Goldrain

Created for the Painting with Light Festival 2006 and 2008, the walls of Coldrano Castle were transformed into a huge canvas using the projected images and sound, a total of approximately 500 m2.

This digital multivision also embraced the work of other multivision artists by incorporating their works into the evening of "Luce dipinta II". Dedicated to the region of South Tyrol Alex worked closely with composer Andrew T. Mackay of the Bombay Dub Orchestra (UK) who created the original music score especially for this event.

A festival and celebration of prosecco by the producers from the region.

Three minute video projection on the walls of Haderburg castle and cliff face above, which could also be seen far below from the valley floor. Plus a continuous looping projection onto an interior wall of the courtyard throughout the event.

Exterior video and light projections for Plymouth Community Youth Websites (UK) used to launch a new community youth website for Plymouth regeneration.

Sixth form students from Hele's School in Plympton joined up with Alex Rowbotham to light up Plymouth city centre with a series of giant animated, slogans projected onto prominent buildings.

Visitors to the city centre on the evening of 27th January 2005 were treated to the light show to mark the official launch of the 'Plymouth Mouth', an interactive living history website produced by Coleridge Productions. A project which enables students to log stories and discuss issues related to the city's regeneration.