Luce Dipinta presented a new architectural mapping projection for the Christmas Market in Rango, close to Lake Garda.

This was the first time a projection was used in this popular ancient village. The passing of the centuries has not affected its precious historical and architectural heritage, with its old houses attached to each other, connected by porticoes, bridges and courtyards. A living testimony of a past populated by shepherds, flocks and travelers, who usually stayed here and rested.

Using the flavour of Christmas mixed with emotive sound, and a touch of the village heart and soul, this large-scale projection provided a unique atmosphere for over 120,000 visitors.

The video projection was shown several times during each evening from 17:00 until late througout the month of December 2019

A video mapping projection to support a performance held in the piazza of Vadena in December 2019. it was co-produced with Luce Dipinta Multivisioni.

It was an event produced by the cultural association Lasecondaluna with Barbara Brugnara. The Legend of Bartolomeo and the Bell Towers, as told by Sergio Camin, was illustrated by Alex Rowbotham and all the music was written and performed live by Gregor Marini.

Presented on one evening, 18/12/2019 in Vadena, Italy

A unique 3D mapping projection 'Revolution' commissioned by the Water Light Festival in Bressanone / South Tyrol. This year it was co-produced between Luce Dipinta and Mapping Mill Ltd., from the UK.

The Water Light Festival invited 24 local and international artists to transform the water sites of Bressanone into a unique light show through creative ideas and conceptual light installations.

The light artists put a new spin on more than 20 fountains in the historical city centre and set in scene the impressive confluence of the two rivers Isarco and Rienza and numerous historic and cultural treasures with different light and artwork installations. Under the motto "Water is life - light is art", a unique atmosphere is created in Bressanone which enables a completely new perception of the old town and its water locations.

REVOLUTION was presented 4 times per hour from 9pm until midnight.

"The spectacular light show by artist Alex Rowbotham conveys a unique Christmas mood when he immerses the building facade of the medical centre in local images and animations directly within the Capuchin Garden and accompanies it with touching music."

Luce Dipinta presented a new show for the 2019 Sterntaler Christmas market in Lana, Italy. As in previous years these evenings are ticketless events and form a part of the town's overall atmosphere of the seasonal celebrations.

This year the Sterntaler Christmas market moved to the the picturesque setting of the historic Capuchin Garden, first suggested by Luce Dipinta eight years previously. It provided a much cosier atmosphere, free of traffic and ambient light and noise. Using a much larger facade this year, the health centre building, religious theme was balanced with a hint of sparkle and fairy dust.

Seventy presentations: 30/11, 01/12, 6-8/12, 13-15/12, 20-23/12 at 17:00, 17:30, 18:00, 18:30, 19:00, 19:30

Working with the Italian association Luce Dipinta who was invited to participate in the 2018 edition of the Water Light Festival in Brixen, Italy.

The concept is centered on the importance of the natural resource of water that should not be wasted, nor taken for granted. Water is not only for those who use it but for those who live in it. The installation reSolution is highlighting the results of climate change relating to water, including floods, receding glaciers/ice caps, fires, desertification through drought. Moreover, it shows the industrial and agricultural waste, the quality of water after use, polluted seas, the everyday use and recycling.

A tower was constructed to contain all the projection equipment at a height to avoid obstructions and creating shadows. The event kicked off on 10th May and ran for 17 consecutive nights. At 10 minutes in length it was repeated four times per hour from 9pm until midnight.

Luce Dipinta worked alongside TechnoAlpin to realise a large-scale public Christmas message on their Bolzano headquarters. TechnoAlpin is a world leader in snow making technology, their products and services can be seen at ski resorts around the globe, therefore their choice of content was obvious - snowflakes.

A huge tower had to be constructed to contain all the projection equipment at a height to avoid obstructions and creating shadows. The event kicked off on 1st December and ran each night until 2nd January 2017.

This twenty minute performance was produced for the Lana Lights Festival 2015 in Lana, Italy.

It explores the soul, the ambience and anatomy of the disused Zuegg jam and juice factory, using sounds, coerced and composed live by Peter#KOMPRIPIOTR#Holzknect, with images, video and programming by Alex Rowbotham. Surrounded in resonance as we all are from birth to death, where everything reflects back to us through sound and image. Naturally the acoustic sense is strongly connected with the limbic system as visual reflections enter our consciousness.  In a sense we are catalysts and are in resonance with our acoustic and visual environments, in all that we encounter.

Lana Lights Festival is organised by Luce Dipinta Multivisioni
Watch the video here:

A festive holiday atmosphere in Griesplatz the central historical square of Lana. Presented throughout the evenings of each weekend in December 2013 & 2014, a Luce Dipinta production of an architectural projection using religious images and icons taken mainly from the cultural surroundings and churches of Lana, including many frescoes and paintings, mixed with choral music and song.

Running in parallel with the Christmas market and late-night shopping, a celebration of a christian Christmas, a warm atmosphere repeated throughout each evening.

Organised by the market town of Lana and the tourist office. A new projection, on a different building in Lana, is being organised for Christmas 2015

Read more and watch a video on the website of Luce Dipinta

In 2013 working with the cultural association Luce Dipinta Multivisioni I presented a large-scale building projection in Griesplatz, Lana. It was part of the Langer Donnerstag (late night shopping which takes place each Thursday evening throughout the summer) which also fell on 'Ferragosto' (15.08.2013). Repeated (with some additions) also on the evening of 17th August, it was a show dedicated to the Gala apple and marked the traditional start of harvesting this apple variety in the region.

Read more and watch a video on the Luce Dipinta website

A building projection screened using two sides of the Reata Tower within the castle grounds of Asolo, as part of the Italian Fantadia Festival.

The beauty of art, the magic of the landscape and the ideal refuge for the body and the soul, attracted many famous people to Asolo, in different times, who loved it and lived in it. Of these, there were three women; Caterina Cornaro, Eleonora Duse and Freya Stark, who were unconnected by time but deeply tied to this town. Travellers, enterprising, nonconformist and intellectuals of international fame that contributed to elect the image of Asolo as a place ideal for its beauty and its high quality.

Photo Illustration

Tuscan Garden photo illustration - click for moreAn experiment, a montage series of images "Lorem Ipsum" inspired by time spent in Tuscany and Cornwall using techniques developed for multivision presentations.


Outdoor building projection - click for moreProjection installations, on both the interiors and exteriors of buildings as well as utilising more traditional screen formats - single and multi-screen. From museum installations to corporate and arts events, single projector presentations to full blown multi-projector, synchronised images and sound for architectural building 3D mapping.

Passing the Time

Time-lapse sequence photograph - click for moreCreation of time-lapse photography, whether to show change over an hour, a day, a week, a month or year(s). The resulting images can be provided as images or composed as an animated movie in any video format from DVD quality through to HD and 4K, plus for display on online.