Fire in the Mountains

A Promo - Assoc. Luce Dipinta and Schlanders Folks Dance Group, South Tyrol (Italy).

In the mountains of Val Venosta there is fire in the sky, and not only from the colours rising and setting with the sun, but also from the symbolic customs dating as far back as the 11th century. All of the original photography was shot for this work whilst inspiration was drawn from the life work of Prof. Karl Horak.
Screened at multivision festivals and public events. Produced to use as an introduction, an emotive 'taster' to help raise interest and funding for a larger documentary project celebrating the continued South Tyrolean culture.

Producer, art director and programmer, in addition to design, artwork, and photography. Music interpretation and performance by Gernot Niedefrfriniger and Johann Hohenegger with the Vinschger Choir; Fackeltanz performed by Helmuth Matzoll; plus live sound recordings of cultural events.

Festival Screenings
Fantadia festival - Italy May 2005.
Chelles Multiphot - France March 2006.
Painting with Light festival - Italy August 2006.


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