The Girl from Yde

For the Drents Museum - Assen, Netherlands.

Permanent installation within the archeology exhibitions of the newly renovated and extended building of the Drents Museum. This multivision provides a virtual landscape of Drenthe in the earlier eras of the ice age, the Roman period and the dark times of the Drenthe people.

It gives one theory for the last living moments of the girl from Yde, a bog body dug out from the peat moor in the last century, and since kept on display in the museum. Other objects from the museum are also included in the exhibition presentation.

Curved 3 projector widescreen presentation, ratio 7:3, duration 10'30". Approx. screen size 7 x 3 m. Fourth projector used for two pepper's ghosts of narrators/characters (moving image).

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