Created for the Regione Puglia, Apulia (Italy) and presented at the 2008 trade show: Fiera del Levante, Bari, Italy.

An 8 screen/projector presentation, 360 degrees screen in an octagon, 10 min. Dataton Watchout using mixed media. Approx. screen size 30 x 4 m. The audience were standing and were able to move around the large space. The octagon which accommodates the show, represents the symbol of the Region, (Castel del Monte) and of its story.

A narrative which relates the strategic choices in research and experimentation for the use of renewable energy sources with the culture that has created to one of the greater civilizations of the Mediterranean, from Federico II to the construction of Castel del Monte, the eight-sided monument which inspires this installation.

Alex Rowbotham programmed Watchout in addition to creating the primary design, artwork and art direction. He was also commissioned to photograph wind turbines and photovoltaic sites in the region. Original soundtrack by Sandro Di Stefano. Original video by Marcello Mazzini, remaining material and media assets created and/or supplied by the agency.

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Photo Illustration

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