Porta di terra

Created for Ente Parco Nazionale del Gargano, - Apulia (Italy) an installation for the visitor centre of Monte Sant'Angelo, Apulia, Italy.

Visual poetry of the inland areas and towns of the Gargano. Gargano is the name of a mountain, the name of a shepherd, a symbol of the miracle that governs the grotto of Archangel Gabriele. It is not however a definite place, not a town not even one of the localities that make up the area that carries this name, but all of these things give body to the invisible town told by Italo Calvino.

Alex Rowbotham programmed Watchout in addition to creating the primary design, artwork and art direction. AGRfoto stock photography. Original soundtrack by Sandro Di Stefano. Video clips, remaining material and media assets created and/or supplied by the agency.

3 screen/projector presentation, ratio 10:3, 5 min. Dataton Watchout using mixed media. Approx. screen size 5.5 x 1.65 m (curved).

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