Created for Ente Parco Nazionale del Gargano, - Apulia (Italy) an installation for the Torre Mileto, Gargano, Apulia, Italy.

The coast of Gargano, the geology, geography and coastal communities, the importance and influence of the sea. Inspired by words of Riccardo Bacchelli this metaphorical interpretation for the multi-image was layered as poetry using words from his thoughts on the sea and Gargano. The work has two purposes, to welcome the tourists that arrive from all parts of the world and to provide a place of a cultural identity rather than local.

Alex Rowbotham programmed Watchout in addition to creating the primary design, artwork and art direction. AGRfoto stock photography. Original soundtrack by Sandro Di Stefano. Video clips, remaining material and media assets created and/or supplied by the agency.

3 screen/projector presentation, ratio 10:3, 5 min. Dataton Watchout using mixed media. Approx. screen size 5.5 x 1.65 m (curved).

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Photo Illustration

Tuscan Garden photo illustration - click for moreAn experiment, a montage series of images "Lorem Ipsum" inspired by time spent in Tuscany and Cornwall using techniques developed for multivision presentations.


Outdoor building projection - click for moreProjection installations, on both the interiors and exteriors of buildings as well as utilising more traditional screen formats - single and multi-screen. From museum installations to corporate and arts events, single projector presentations to full blown multi-projector, synchronised images and sound for architectural building 3D mapping.

Passing the Time

Time-lapse sequence photograph - click for moreCreation of time-lapse photography, whether to show change over an hour, a day, a week, a month or year(s). The resulting images can be provided as images or composed as an animated movie in any video format from DVD quality through to HD and 4K, plus for display on online.