Created for Regione Sardegna - Sardinia (Italy), as permanent installation and screening outdoors in the castle square in Cagliari.

The subject is "The Castle" in Cagliari. The description of the most ancient and noble district of Cagliari seen and told by impartial eyes. The eyes of a writer whose character and whose words were formed there, together with the words of a character in his novel, who died at the stake in Madrid calling for the love of his ward far away. An attempt to supplement the traditional tourists with a cultural stimulus as to the identity of the place.

Programmed Watchout in addition to creating the primary design, artwork and art direction. Two days location shooting in Cagliari. Spoken language - Italian. Original soundtrack by Romeo Scaccia. Video shot by Marcello Mazzini. After Effects sequences created by Mauro Scaramella. Remaining material and media assets created and/or supplied by the agency.


3 screen/projector presentation, ratio 10:3, 9'30" min. Dataton Watchout using mixed media.

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