For the Alps

For the Alps is a showpiece: a grand tour of natural landscapes, traditional practices and forward-looking innovations designed to ensure that the Alpine protected areas survive to maintain this truly exceptional heritage.
The whistle-stop tour does not merely showcase impressive scenery and invaluable resources: it presents a broad spectrum of activities and raises important questions for all those who engage with the Alps, no matter whether the mountains are home, a holiday destination, or simply a place to explore. Presented in five languages.

Offering a sensitive and artistic eyewitness account, For the Alps lays the foundations for a dialogue between stakeholders, managers and those who come to explore the Alpine regions.
Its ambitious aims are born of passion and leave the viewer with a deep sense of joie de vivre.

Alex was the project producer, director and programmer and provided consultation on the original concept. The multivision production contains nearly 400 original photographs, most of which were taken by Alpine park staff.

Original soundtrack composition by Sandro Di Stefano. Presentation media production Marcello Mazzilli and AGR Digital Media.

Project Partners
Nationalpark Hohe Tauern (AT)
Nationalpark Berchtesgaden (DE)
Parco Naturale Alta Valsesia (IT)
Nationalpark Gesäuse (AT)
ASTERS - Réserves naturelles de Haute-Savoie (FR)
Parco Naturale del Monte Fenera (I)
Nationalpark Kalkalpen (AT)
Parc national de la Vanoise (FR)
Parco Nazionale Val Grande (IT)
Landschaftspark Binntal (CH)
Parc national des Ecrins (FR)
Parco Regionale delle Orobie Valtellinesi (IT)
Naturpark Pfyn-Finges (CH)
Parc national du Mercantour/Parco naturale Alpi Marittime (FR)
Triglavski narodni park (SL)
Netzwerk Schweizer Pärke (CH)
Amt für Naturparke Südtirol / Ufficio Parchi naturali Alto Adige (IT)
Coordination par ALPARC, le Réseau Alpin des Espaces Protégés
(Task Force espaces protégés du Secrétariat de la Convention alpine)
Parc naziunal svizzer (CH)
Ente di gestione delle aree protette dell'Ossola : Parco naturale Alpe Veglia Alpe Devero & Parco naturale dell'alta Valle Antrona (IT)

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