Tracce (Tracks)

Multivision is used as a virtual landscape for the era of dinosaurs, where viewers of all ages can immerse themselves. It is not to make an exhaustive illustration of the age of dinosaurs, but to define the importance of footprints, their valuable content and the contribution that underpins the latest discovery: that millions of years ago Gargano was the Horn of Africa.

Produced for Ente Parco Nazionale del Gargano - Apulia (Italy).

Permanent installation for the Museo dei dinosauri di Borgo Celano - San Marco in Lamis, Gargano. A curved 6 screen/projector presentation, ratio 19:3, duration 5'40". Dataton Watchout using mixed media.

Alex art directed, and programmed in addition to creating the primary design and artwork. Some images came from the AGR Foto stock library. Original soundtrack by Sandro Di Stefano. Remaining material and media assets created and/or supplied by the agency.

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