Geo Explorer

Drents Museum in the Netherlands commissioned this permanent audio visual installation which opened in September 1997, and remained popular for 13 years. An educational and entertaining show (edutainment) which provided a new insight into the geology in Drenthe.

The story is told through a conversation between Mother Earth and a local character, who was infamous for his crack-pot theories and storytelling.

It begins 4600 million years ago and highlights 8 major time periods and geological events. It is told in three languages, Dutch, German and English. This exhibition proved so successful that it remained unchanged for 9 years and even then it was merely converted to digital projection to update the hardware.

Widescreen projection, ratio 11:2. (18 mins.) It incorporates 12 slide and 2 video projectors, with hydraulically driven objects around the theatre. Screen size 5 x 1 m.

Alex Rowbotham provided concept design, storyboards, asset creation, and art directed the final compositions produced using After Effects. Video clips, and media assets created and/or supplied by the production studio/agency.

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