Above and Below the Stelvio

Personal project - Sotto e sopra lo Stelvio

Often referred to as "The Stelvio", this mountain pass is the second highest in the Alps, under the gaze of Ortler, the highest peak and glacier in Italy. It is closed in winter due to the amount of snow which falls and covers the famous twisty road between Italy and Switzerland.

Once a year the National Park park organises the 'Stelvio Bike' where the road is closed to motorised vehicles for a day to allow 8000+ cyclists to take part in the non-competitive event.

It is loved by many motor enthusiasts and clubs, for the road itself and it's 48 hairpin bends and incline beginning (or ending) at 2757m however, there is more to see and experience than the road itself, and this video is the start of an on-going project to illustrate that.

Alex Rowbotham shot all the video and photography, produced and programmed using AfterEffects, it was screened for the first time at the Fantadia Festival 2015 .

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