I've been working as a photographer for over 25 years and accumulated a commercial archive of more than 50,000 images. I started back in the days of darkrooms with red lights, developing and printing colour and black and white film shot for an industrial photography studio.

I really believe that those early days were fundamental in achieving the skillset that I possess today. The darkrooms have since been replaced by computers, with software being the tool for processing and developing the final image. Delivery to the client still requires the same dedication and attention to detail, but they can be sent with the click of a button rather than in person, by courier or post.

Commissions undertaken are close to home and abroad, studio based or on location.

Photos can be purchased under license direct with me or via Photographers Direct, Image Brief and from image bank specialist Alamy - find your perfect image today. Examples of work undertaken can be found below, or by visiting the photographic print website

You can also browse and buy prints and greeting cards direct from the shop page which contains a growing collection of images so far placed on Fine Art Europe/America.

Below is just a small random selection from over 50,000 images


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